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KesCore @ Harder Stylez Movement Podcast 039


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Sascha Schmitt aka Kescore decided to express his passion for electronic music and bought his first own equipment in 2014. After several hours at his decks he was rewarded with first gigs. Since that he played some gigs in Germany and Luxemburg and also at the Ruhr in Love festival.

To develop himself as an artist and to make people dance with his own interpretation of hard electronic dancemusic he decided to start to produce his own tracks in 2016. With one of his first productions he won a remix contest by the dutch producer System Overload and with that a release on Megarave Records.


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1. Mental Chaos (aka Wars Industry & Azilyum) - Lightning
2. Bartoch - I'm The Danger (Striker Remix)
3. Stampede - Violence
4. Repix & Chaotic Hostility - Shit Don't Stop
5. ID (Kescore - TBA)
6. Darkcontroller - Apocalyptic Darkness (Death Shock Remix)
7. Partyraiser & Angernoizer ft. Rob Gee - Party Freaks
8. Angernoizer & Vandal!sm - Peptalk
9. The Demon Dwarf & Psycho Killer - The Doctor (Statix Remix)
10. ID (Kescore - TBA)
11. Cryogenic & MBK - I Am The Mfking Who Drop Bombs
12. The Demon Dwarf & Cryogenic - Die Mfker (Hellzkicks Remix)
13. Insane S - Act A Damn Fool
14. Partyraiser & T.I.M. - Kaos In Texas (Brainteaser & LukiiLukee Remix)
15. Insane S vs LukiiLukee vs Brainteaser - No Cash No Bitch
16. Hatred - Deep Throat
17. The Unfamous - Slutmachine (Unrest Remix)
18. Cryogenic - Victimized (DRS Remix)
19. DRS - Shut The Fuck Up