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RagnaRok @ Based On Logics Podcast 1

Industrial Hardcore

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Lengte: 00:36:28

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Here's our first Based On Logics Podcast by no one less then our Norwegian friend Ragnarok.

Gestemd door: MARKDEV_

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1. Ophidian - Love Is Digital
2. Strange Arrival - Sevastopol
3. Penta - Are We Worth Saving
4. [KRTM] - Guy On A Rope Laughing Out Loud (New School Mix)
5. Tymon - Dominate
6. [KRTM] - Guy On A Rope Laughing Out Loud (Old School Mix)
7. Tripped vs Detest - Hardcore To The Penis
8. DJIPE & Synaptic Memories - Press Q To Win
9. Human Resource - Dominator (25 Years Of Domination Remix by Sei2ure)
10. Jane Dark - War Creator
11. Jane Dark - Outcast
12. Promo - Salvation (Part 2)

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