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Dazzle @ Kick'n'Screech Episode #10


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Hi everyone!
April has just begun and it's getting warmer and warmer outside. We are ready to celebrate our first Ten and we are glad to meet you at this fiesta Are you ready to bang your heads off? Than fasten your seatbelts and tune in the tenth podcast represented by Dazzle!

Don’t forget to take us ONLINE on DI.FM every Thursday at 19:00 (GMT)
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1. Toneshifterz - What You Got
2. Lowriderz - Chemistry
3. Ricardo Moreno - Lost your mind
4. Kit Hype - Countdown
5. DJ Sim - Behind The Mask
6. TNT - Psylent Hill
7. Cyber - Be Here
8. Toneshifterz - Elektro Shock
9. Wasted Penguinz - Magic
10. B-Front - Face The Truth (Inceptum Remix)
11. Memorize & Memorax - Memories
12. Stephanie - pink beats
13. Shadowfact ft. Morris Lane - I Love Beatz
14. Code Black ft. Elle Vee - Wild Ones (Extended Mix)
15. Dark Pact - Respect
16. Cruel Intentions - Arroganza
17. Audio Junkz - I Am Sin
18. Radical Redemption - Brutal 6.0
19. DJ Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omanski - One Tribes Jam (DJ Promo Mix)