Shoutbox: [20:41] alexvdh: "Verwijder (Original Mix)" .. hoezo? needed for releases with remix(s) and the original imo, not for tracks whose the remix(s) are released later. i don't give a fuck about nowadays music archieving (too soon),but for old releases as hs/ht the "(original mix)" seems handy  :^)

Slugos @ Definition Of Hard Techno Podcast 015


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Welcome back to our Definition Of Hard Techno Podcast!
This time we present you a 60 minutes mix from the Spanish Dj & Producer SlugoS. He now resides in Berlin and his founder of the brainstorm Records label. He is well known for his massive drive and rolling beats. He is also performing live from time to time and delivers strong and powerful Hardtechno at highest quality. Enjoy this set from the Spanish master.

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