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Deetox @ Hard Island Log 018

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Lengte: 00:30:01

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We were suddenly woken by a piercing scream: “We are under attack!” Before we could do anything we were swarmed by the enemy. They caught us unprepared ...
Our ship was under attack by blood seeking pirates. The battle was over before we could even reach for our weapons; the enemy was well trained and we were defeated in a matter of minutes. To our great surprise, we noticed that we were defeated and enslaved by women pirates. They took us to their secret hideout to meet their queen and our destiny. The queen was just as beautiful as she was merciless, but fortunately she had a good day and was intrigued by our quest, so in return for our freedom, she only kept for herself a few bottles of rum and five of our most handsome crewmen … poor souls.  :)

Welcome to the hideout of the pirate queen Deetox in Hard Island Log 018.

Gestemd door: Hansolo

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1. Deetox ft. Elyn - Paralyzed
2. B-Front - EVP
3. Deetox ft. MC Jeff - Lucky Number 7 (Beat The Bridge Anthem) (Edit)
4. MYST - Before You Go
5. Delete & Deetox - Alone
6. Deetox - Symphonic Voices
7. Kronos & X-Pander - Lone Walkers
8. Sub Sonik & Deetox - My Way
9. MYST - Cut Your Nuts