Shoutbox: [10:08] DelugeOfSound: Skiing is dope tho. I remember when I worked in Norway for a few months, I had a rental house that was practically at the end of a ski slope. Snowboarding after work was pretty neat

Hellcreator @ Terror Savages Podcast 42

Early Terror   Terror

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Tracklist :

01.The Destroyer - Italian Madness 2.0
02.Rottencore - The Spanish Madness(2014 Re-master)
03.The Ctrl - Pattern Disease
04.Rehab Clinic - Useless School
05.UKTM - Muggy Cunt (The Destroyer Remix)
06.Drokz - This ain't no Disco
07.Delta 9 - Tone Deaf
08.Hankey - Death awaits you All
09.Hellcreator - Heat Seeker(Porco Dio mix)
10.HCM - Beastie Guys
11.Rottencore - Who the Fuck i am(Totally pissed off oldschool mode)
12.The Speed Freak - Back once Again
13.Drokz & Mr Courage - Terror & Violence
14.The Massacre vs Bonehead - it ain't about Speed but its about Technique
16.D.O.M - Hate Shit & Candy(The Destroyer Remix)
17.Paranoizer - Cut that Shit off
18.Hellcreator - La Maffia(Dedicated to No New Style)
19.HCM - Body Movin in a Wooden Box
20.Drokz - Witness Furious Speed
21.The Untitled - Blood and Beerenburg
22.DJ X - God Please(Hellcreator Remix)
23.Creatures of the Occult - Tear you Apart(Black Noise)
24.ANC - Behold a pale Horse(Hellcreator Remix)
25.The Dark Sanctuary - The Hunger

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