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Brutale @ Hard Island Log 20


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Lengte: 00:29:46

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We have received an invitation to an underground pirate competition held by the notorious pirate lords from Italy. Known for their brutality they yet again prove that they live up to their reputation. In this fight one man armed with only a knife faces the giant jaws of the great white shark. There are many contestants and the winning prize is eternal fortune and glory (among the pirate scum). The fights are extremely cruel and savage so we quietly leave before anyone can notice … it’s just too brutal …

Endure the sheer power of Brutale in Hard Island Log 020.



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1. Andy The Core - Kill Somebody
2. The Anunnaki ft. MC Braincase - #SickSociety
3. Underground Vandalz - Music Panic Baseball Bat
4. The Sickest Squad - Revolution (Meccano Twins Remix)
5. Bit Reactors ft. Vale Blake - Open Your Eyes
6. Brutale & Rob Gee - No Compromise
7. The Sickest Squad - Zombie
8. Andy The Core - Brutal Method
9. Meccano Twins - No God (Mutilate Australia Anthem)
10. Brutale - Brutale
11. Andy The Core - F#cktempo