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Art of Fighters @ Hard Island Log 022


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A long time has passed since we felt the sand under our feet and the morale among our crew was on an exceptionally low level. So we prepared an exhibition, a battle of duos. Two people are tied up with a rope around their legs and the goal is to lay the opponent on their back. It takes more than sheer strength and endurance to win a battle. Coordination, quick reflexes and the power of the mind are the keys to victory. In the end, only one duo remained, two masked men who showed us what the true art of fighting is.

The power of hardcore in Hard Island Log 022 by the dynamic duo Art of Fighters.

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1. Predator vs Art of Fighters - Insomniacs
2. Koozah - Examination
3. The Stunned Guys - SHE (Tha Playah ft. MC Jeff Remix)
4. Art of Fighters - Your Poison (United Hardcore Forces Anthem)
5. Freakon - Psycho
6. Advanced Dealers - Back To The Rave
7. Tommyknocker - Fucked Up Music
8. The Melodyst - I'm OK
9. Radio Killah - The Hard way
10. The Anunnaki - CCN
11. Unexist - Kings never dies
12. Art of Fighters ft. dp - Into the future (HARDGATE 05 Anthem)
13. Nico&Tetta vs Art of Fighters - Revenge (6th Remix)
14. Myosuke - Hardsound primary
15. The Sickest Squad - Zombie
16. Meccano Twins vs Destructive Tendencies - Something wicked
17. Andy The Core - Brutal Intentions
18. Brutale ft. MC Braincase - Brutale
19. The Stunned Guys - Bim Bum Bam (Art of Fighters Remix)