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Stefan ZMK @ Dominator 2017 Hong Kong Violence

Early Terror   Frenchcore   Industrial Hardcore

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Message from Stefan ZMK about the set:
Check out the set i played at Dominator Festival 2017, Hong Kong Violence stage! (tracklist below)
Actually, there is a story behind the selection of this set. When i started my record collection around 1998, i bought my first +200 BPM records from Akira, who was working at a recordshop (mainly selling trance/house/techno), but was selling these rough ep's more or less from under the counter hahaha. So i decided part of this set would a tribute to that period, late 90's fast, industrial and mental hardcore, mainly rare french and UK tunes! These tunes remain a big inspiration for me. Big thanks to the man Akira, for hosting a platform for me to play such a set, arriving full circle after almost 19 years!
And ofcourse playing at such a massive festival as Dominator was fucking awesome, and having so many old and new friends supporting me through the entire set completed the epic experience!

So thank you all and i hope you enjoy the recording!  :D

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1. Sarin Assault & Al Core & Klaus Kombat - Terreur 909
2. Christoph Fringelli & The Invisible S.P. - Out! (2nd Mixedit)
3. Taciturne - Anticore 003 A2
4. SpeedyQ's & the Sans Consession Team - BadtzS'yQs
5. Hellfish & Producer - The Way of the Homeboy pt. 2 (Winter of Discontent)
6. Geoff da Chef - Incomplete (Mixedit)
7. SpeedyQ's - Beast Execute & Search Them
8. Androgyn Network - The Revenge of the Insectoid People
9. Mouse - Vitrine (Mixedit)
10. Micropoint - Hardbreak
11. Demon - Nomed
12. Parasonic - As Good As It Gets
13. Ebola - Tendency Towards Right Brain Activity
14. Micropoint - Dishwasher
15. Ingler - Riot (Mixedit)
16. Gwakai - Makhno
17. Johnny Sideways - Systema
18. Detest - 2Obscore
19. Drokz - Take You On A Trip
20. Black Blood - Warzone
21. Hellfish - Head Grit
22. Pressurehead - London
23. Venetian Snares - Hand Throw

ThaClown -
In theory everything is straight
 :worship:  :worship:  :worship:

Best tracklist i've seen in a long time  :L  (L)
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
Interesting mix! I should have gone to his set on saturday!  :worship: