Audioholik @ Italian Masters Vol. 2 - Activator

Early Hardstyle

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Finally finished a new mix! Took a while because we got blessed with a daughter 3 months ago  :D And also started a new job recently. These things take up lots of time  ;)

So hoping to be back on a regular base soon!

The mix I did showcases some of Activator's earlier work. Lots of these tracks are under different aliases, but it's all him. He's a mastermind, a true Italian master of hardstyle!

Prepare for 90 minutes of reverse bass magic!

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1. Megaphone - There Is A Bassdrum
2. Stefano Bonato - Virtual Indians (Activator Remix)
3. Jim Noizer - The Music Play
4. Spy-Kore vs Jim Noizer - Dance to the House
5. Ultrasonic - H.C.M.F. (2004 Remix)
6. Pibert - Feel My Vibration (Activator Remix)
7. Spy-Kore vs Jim Noizer - Party Control
8. Stefano Bonato - Magik Vision (Activator Remix)
9. Ultrasonic - Hysteria
10. Activator - Cunnilingus
11. Spy-Kore - The House In Pause
12. Ultrasonic - Rock Da Place
13. Stefano Bonato - Hard & Dark (Activator Remix)
14. Knockout - Heaven (Activator Remix)
15. Ultrasonic - I Wanna Get Down
16. Prozact & Morientez - Break The Speel
17. Ultrasonic - Ultrabass

Hansolo [Set Editor] -
Great music  :thumbsup2:
Audioholik -
thanks man  :thumbsup2:
Mako -
Yes. Glad you're back! ( with a great mix)
Prozact & Morientez - Break The Speel.
Never heard this track before. What a  :bomb:  :w00t:
(PS - Congratulations with your daughter!  :thumbsup:)
Audioholik -
Great stuff  :thumbsup2:

And thanks also!

Break The Speel is one of the many hidden Acti gems!
Micha82 -
Awesome set, one of your best!  :bomb:
Congratulations for your daughter!  :)
blazkovic -
Prozact & Morientez - Break The Speel  :worship:
Audioholik -