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The Sawerz @ Ground Zero 2017 (RGB) Podcast

Hardcore   Frenchcore

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This year we celebrate 5 years of Ruhr'G'Beat and we gonna have a blast again on the only night festival in the Netherlands. Prepare yourself for a crazy and wild night!

Check out this PODCAST for Ground Zero Festival 2017.
The Sawerz will perform @ Ruhr'G'Beat Stage
August 26th 2017.
Info & tickets at

Line-Up RGB Stage:

System Overload VS Vandalism Official VS DRS
Chrono & The Demon Dwarf VS Chaotic Hostility
Adrenokrome VS The Sawerz
Bit Reactors VS Hungry Beats
Death By Design VS Skull Demon
Deterrent Man VS A-KRIV
Maissouille VS KetaNoise VS PSIKO
Miss Enemy VS Ysiss
Al Twisted & Rob Da Rhythm
The Rough VS P-Fiction VS The Noizedizorder

Hosted by Triggah & MC RG

Ambassadors: Adrenokrome & The Demon Dwarf


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The Sawerz @ Ground Zero 2017 (RGB) PODCAST

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