Shoutbox: [11-04] BertusBaklip: @DoS, kwaliteit is zeker ruk. Razor Edge is het niet. Heb em op raw ook nog wel es voorbij horen komen volgens mij. Anders ga ik stefan zelf maar een berichtje doen.

Freqax @ Metalcast Vol. 39

Drum & Bass

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Meer info
The 38th edition of the Metalcast podcast series is brought to you by FREQAX (short for Frequency Axe). Freqax is a music production project conceived in 2008 by Adrenalina (aka C9h13no3) and Weirdo on the ground of their two different original styles mixed on the colaboration tunes that they made together, and their many b2b party sessions performed.
It relies on a new form of music languages and genres under a single project based on the knowledge gathered over the many years of experience. Since 2012 Adrenalina decides to quit the project because of his own personal matters Weirdo remaining the only member.

This romanian mage prepared the set full of hard stuff we all like. We hope you are going to like it too. So turn up the speakers and you can read the interview in meanwhile we made for you with Freqa in the previous article.

Gestemd door: Hansolo

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1. Freqax & Glass Cobra - Killa
2. Computer Artist - Sequence
3. Maniatics - Pressure
4. Brain Crisis - Acid Addiction
5. Freqax & Kaiza - Fdamn
6. Ill Truth - 26 (Lockjaw Remix)
7. Forbidden Society - 101
8. Magnetude x Julia Marks - DeadLeaves
9. Freqax & Counterstrike - Beneath Existence
10. Freqax - Gravity Drop
11. Freqax & Katharsys - Rapture
12. Spline & Dextems - Space Marines
13. Freqax & Splash Heads - Destroyer Of Worlds
14. Synergy - Turn It Out
15. Counterstrike - Entity
16. MRSA - Bio Weapon
17. Proxima - Cross Lined
18. Cruk - Red Square
19. Dorian & Skore - Powertool