Waterman @ PUMPKIN Newcomer Contest 2017


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Pumpkin - The Last Hunter, 31. October 2017 - Turbinenhalle Oberhausen (Germany)

Bring me up to Pumpkin Germany 2017!
I hope you you like this Set - I always try to let you hear the hardest exclusive stuff, that the Uptempo Scene is actually offering!
Since 2015 my Heart is BEATing for the harder Styles! One of my first Festivals was Pumpkin in 2015! It was a great Party and I will never forget it! But what is better than Party hard? Well - Party harder and bring People to the pure escalation! I want to present you one of the hardest Styles - UPTEMPO - I Play it loud and fast between 200 and 270 BPM.

My device?: Let us be harder than the Rest and destroy the Ballroom! <3

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1. Bass Instinct - Experiment No. 1 (The Last Hunter Edit by WATERMAN)
2. Kasparov - Infected by Madness (Bass Instinct Remix)
3. The Dark Horror - Can You Feel It
4. Orian - Pressure
5. Insane S & The Dope Doctors - The Black Demon
6. Uncontrolled Hard - Thinking Suicide
7. DRS & The Vizitor - Hell Yeah
8. MBK - If They Don't Like Terror
9. DGTP - Kvindt Prachtig
10. Loud Carnage - Kill Them
11. DRS - New Era
12. MBK - Breaking The Beats
13. ID (Orian - TBA)
14. Angernoizer ft. NSD - Execute

Thanks for sharing man  :)