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Hardstyle Mafia @ SpoonCast 006

Hardstyle   Raw hardstyle

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The SpoonCast is Spoontech's podcast concept, featuring live broadcasting on Facebook (including chat sessions with our artists and fellow Spoontech fans) and frequent episodes. For this episode, Hardstyle Mafia combined some unreleased and unknown tracks with some of the latest Spoontech releases!

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1. Hardstyle Mafia ft. MC Livid - Redemption Born
2. Infirium & Radiance - Revision
3. Vyral - The Nexus
4. Freakshow - Alone I Lie
5. Hardstyle Mafia - A Crooked Story
6. Crucified God - Celestial
7. Hardstyle Mafia & Yuna-X - Howls Of Silence
8. The Wicked - Heartless
9. Hardstyle Mafia - Merciless Soul
10. Mind Dimension & The Purge - Roll Up
11. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - First Contact