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Digital Punk @ Unleashed 055


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Unleashed Soldiers! Here is your ammunition of this month! And let's get straight to the point. The Public Enemies album 'Original Sinners' is finished and therefore we start this month episode with a trailer of their rise to power!

This episode contains new tracks by Headhunterz, Sub Zero Project, Frequencerz, Endymion, B-Front, Jack Of Sound, E-Force and Public Enemies.

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  Public Enemies - Original Sinners (Trailer)
1. Headhunterz - Destiny
2. Sub Zero Project ft. Mecca Dawn - Stand Strong
3. Frequencerz - Brave The Storm
4. Proto Bytez - Sleep Paralysis
5. Endymion & GLDY LX - The Afterlife
6. B-Front - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Bootleg)
7. Kronos & Outbreak ft. Sabacca - Go Hard or Go Home
8. Frequencerz - Alright
9. Zany & Frequencerz - Quakers (Clockartz Remix)
10. Raw Harmony - The Creation Of Your Mind
11. Public Enemies - Takeover Intro
12. Public Enemies - Deadly Combo
13. Public Enemies - Play A Game
14. Public Enemies - Dead 'N Expired
15. Jack Of Sound - Can't Control Me
16. Outbreak & Delete - Audio Overdose
17. High Voltage & Bass Chaserz - Harness The Dark
18. Act of Rage - Mean Machine (Supremacy Anthem 2017)
19. E-Force & Luna - Are You With Me
20. Warface & D-Sturb - Open Your Eyes
21. Evil Activities - Infinite Triumph