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Grim @ Maximaal Raw Contest


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Lengte: 00:44:41

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Back at it with a fresh mix, it's for the Maximaal Raw Contest. They asked for a banging raw mix so I gave them one!
The mix is filled with some pure bombs and a preview of a brand new remix I've been working on!

Enjoy and play it loud!

Gestemd door: JurneSleddens

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1. Crisis Era - Jump Up
2. ID (TBA - TBA (Grim Remix))
3. D-Sturb - High Power
4. Alpha² - Forget The Bullshit
5. Pulse - Survivor
6. Radical Redemption - Piece Of Shit
7. E-Force & Bass Chaserz - Attack
8. Necrosis & Sins Of Insanity - Feeding Your Mind
9. Phuture Noize - I Was Like
10. E-Force & Luna - Fuck This Nation (Brutality Remix)
11. Deluzion - Chaos
12. Necrosis & Grim - Messengers Of Death (Intents Alles Kapot Edit)
13. Warface - Fake Ass Bitches
14. Sub Sonik - To Hell (Necrosis & Grim Remix 2017 Edit)
15. Warface & Radical Redemption - Undercover
16. Rebelion & Malice - Confronting Violence
17. Necrosis & Grim - The Devil (Fatality Nog Meer Kapot Edit)