DJ Casketkrusher @ The Dwarf Records Megamix

Early Hardcore

Toegevoegd door: Chris-van-Core @

Lengte: 01:16:49

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The Dwarf Records Megamix
I mixed a megamix of my favorite label ever, Dwarf Records! All my favorite tunes from the vinyls mixed together!

Mixed between: 14 April and 21 April, 2013. (Final tuning done at: 18 December, 2013)


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Chris-van-Core -
Song Name @ Min 22:00 please  :)
VerCouter -
Is kaas met een e?
On 04-10-2017 21:10:28, Chris-van-Core wrote:

Song Name @ Min 22:00 please  :)

Ill follow this one, also interesting.
Maynor -
El Bruto ‎– Hypnotizing
Chris-van-Core -
Thank you very much  :thumbsup2:  :yay:  :beer: