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D-Verze @ SpoonCast 010


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The SpoonCast is Spoontech's podcast concept, featuring live broadcasting on Facebook (including chat sessions with our artists and fellow Spoontech fans) and frequent episodes. For this episode, D-Verze has built on the hype around the Spoontechnicians and included some more exclusive stuff!

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1. Spoontechnicians - Principles of Life
2. Hatom - Heartbreak
3. Dark Oscillators - Trapped (Solaio Mix)
4. Enemy Contact ft. Sewy - Invent Yourself
5. Dutch Master - Taste Me (D-Verze Kick Edit)
6. Spoontechnicians - Prometheus
7. Delete - Proximity To Extinction
8. Spoontechnicians - Sea of Flames
9. DJ Act vs Mani - Equensu Ocha (DJ Thera Remix)
10. Density - Specymen (D-Verze 2017 Remix)
11. Wavolizer vs DJ Thera - Done With My Stash (Theracords Live Mix)
12. DJ Promo & Ophidian ft. Myrean - Born to Break