Shoutbox: [16:49] McBong: I'm coming from the south, near nuremberg. The train is indeed surprisingly cheap, but it takes seven hours. Maybe I'll just go by bus to my buddies near the netherlands a day before and travel with them by car the next day.

Anton Beatbox @ Phormix Podcast 102

Drum & Bass   Ambient

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Phormix Podcast # 102 Anton Beatbox


Artists | Felix K, Clarity, ENA, A.n.D., DiNT, Tongues Of Light, Shiken Hanzo, Pessimist, Space Matters, Homemade Weapons, Ed Rush, Nico, Trace, John B, Matrix, Optical, Source Direct, Photek, Kenji Kawaii

Labels | Hidden Hawaii, Samurai Music, Pre-Cert Home Entertainment, Samurai Horo, Cylon Recordings, A14, Prototype Recordings, No U-Turn, Virus Recordings, Non Plus, Science

• For the mix he used 2 MKII + Tape Deck