Shoutbox: [16:12] FuNKeR: Are there any livesets available from Mayday 2018? Heard parts of Paul Elstak's set at Sunshine Live yesterday, but cannot find anything.

Northumbria @ Darkfloor In Session 042


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Darkfloor in Session 042 / Northumbria


Dirty Inputs – Oberon/Overture [Retronym]
C.Diab – Awake, Little Creatures [C.Diab]
Polmo Polpo – Romeo Heart [Constellation Records]
Thisquietarmy – Black Haunters [Elevation Records]
Aidan Baker – Lost In The Rat Maze [ConSouling Sounds]
Whisper Room – 1 [Broken Spine Productions]
dreamSTATE vs. Heiki – Snow Drifter [Paper+Sound]
SOLVENT – Pattern Recognition [Suction Records]
Pulsewidth – Crest #1 [unreleased]
Aun – Fortress Two [Cyclic Law]
Black Walls – Funeral/Wake [Pleasence Records]

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