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Da Tweekaz @ Qlimax 2017

Hardstyle   Euphoric hardstyle

Toegevoegd door: JurneSleddens @
Laatst gewijzigd door: JurneSleddens @

Lengte: 16:25:34

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Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push. Witness the power of insanity with Da Tweekaz at Qlimax.

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1. Da Tweekaz ft. HALIENE - Bring Me To Life
2. Da Tweekaz - #Tweekay16 (Qlimax Edit)
3. W&W x Darren Styles ft. Giin - Long Way Down (Da Tweekaz Remix)
4. TheFatRat ft. Laura Brehm - The Calling (Da Tweekaz Remix)
5. Da Tweekaz - Jägermeister
6. Coone & Da Tweekaz - D.W.X (10 Years DWX Mix)
7. Da Tweekaz ft. Anklebreaker - Respect
8. Da Tweekaz - Be Aware (Da Tweekaz x Forever Lost Qlimax Edit)
9. Da Tweekaz - Blue Tweekend Starter (Qlimax Mega Mashup)
10. Darren Styles - Us Against The World (Da Tweekaz Remix)
11. Da Tweekaz - Komon
12. Da Tweekaz - Frozen (2016 Edit)
13. Da Tweekaz - Wodka (2016 Edit)
14. Da Tweekaz x Darren Styles - Heroes (T2S Edit)
15. Da Tweekaz x Sephyx - This is Special
16. Da Tweekaz - Game of Thrones (2017 Edit)
17. Da Tweekaz - Hanging Tree (2017 Refix)
18. Yoji Biomehanika - Hardstyle Disco (Da Tweekaz x Sub Zero Project Remix)
19. Da Tweekaz x Sub Zero Project - DRKNSS (Qlimax Edit)

-michaelhughes [Set Editor] -
You have to love Da Tweekaz  :yay:  :yay:
McBong [Set Editor] -
On 29-01-2018 17:16:16, -michaelhughes wrote:

You have to love Da Tweekaz  :yay:  :yay:

Well, me and my buddies took the first half of the set to grab a bite to eat and get some drinks  :W

I like them for sticking to their style, but stuff like j├Ągermeister or tequila is just too ridiculous for me  :$
Rocko [Set Editor] -
I mean they might as well do Koskenkorva or Salmari while they're at it...

Pretty strong and exclusive tracklist otherwise. Good new bootlegs & remixes and all the Qlimax-themed edits.
VerCouter -
Is kaas met een e?
Same shit, andere volgorde. -1
-michaelhughes [Set Editor] -
After spending almost 2 years only listening to "raw" hardstyle, it's refreshing to hear Da Tweekaz haha! A lot of people have a go at them (I'm not meaning any of you guys) but one thing is for sure - They know how to get a crowd going  :yay: