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jotse @ Oldschool Legends

Early Hardcore   Early Terror

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Gestemd door: xeLL VanFlip Guido Holtman


marc smith - pump up the noise
the scotchman - happy vibes
party animals - used & abused
knightvision - mind over matter
tellurian - squash the floor
dj rob smash ist diesen bassdrum korrekt
3 steps ahead - stravinskys bass
miss groovy - jungle sickness
vanugenth the 5th - wonderfull music
too fast for mellow - we gonna get this place
leviathan - block fucking beats
track killer - lost in the mist
speedy lo - kill some beatz
speedy lo - trip to wonderland
xearo - pandoras box
hyperactive-d - galaxia
hyperactive-d - the battle
3 steps ahead - drop it
dj sim - behind the mask
dj sim - cartoons in prograss
naughty boys - 1-2-3-fuck
activator - fast fucker

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