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Industrial Waves @ NYE Agora Club

Techno   Industrial   Acid

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Lengte: 01:50:46

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Set recorded at Agora Club from 05:30 to 07:30. Vinyl & CDJ mix. Featuring tracks from Perc, Ghost In The Machine, Keepsakes, and my unreleased tracks.

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  Industrial Waves Intro
  March 4 by Industrial Waves
  Zurig (Trope) Industrial Waves Edit by Acid Junkies
  Eyes Wide Open by Sinesweeper
  Subox (Industrial Waves Edit) by Perc & Truss
  Madness by Industrial Waves
  Creepin by Dj Raoul Zerna
  Misophonia by Oscar Mulero
  TT34 (Industrial Waves Edit) by Jay Siret
  On The Edge Of Epiphany by 14anger & Dep Affect
  Material Grill by Ghost In The Machine
  Gootch Rocket by Kamikaze
  Chronic Dissorder (Unreleased) by Industrial Waves
  Industrial Machinery (BKLS Remix) by Siarem
  Mental (Unreleased) by Industrial Waves
  Clapacid by Perc & Truss
  Bang The Box (Slam Remix) by Jack Master
  Fundamental by Al Farris vs. The Page Master
  Aumento by Joe Beltram
  Base Bangin' by Dj Bam Bam
  Unknown by Unknown
  To the cosmos, let's go! by Blacknecks
  Easy Now by Keepsakes
  Numerous by Keith Carnal
  Unknown by Unknown
  Gruel by Perc
  We have lost our way (Paramod & HAEDES Remix) by Makornik
  Transcendence On Demand by 14anger & Dep Affect
  Annex No. 3 by Scalameriya
  Break In Communication by Tolebham
  Unknow by Catscan
  Don't Touch That Stereo (Myler Insane Madness Mix) by Marshall Masters