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01. ViperXXL - Hardtechno Anthem [Boris S. Remix]
02. Boris S. & Miss JK - Too Many Pills [4 on the Floor Mix]
03. Sven Wittekind - Sunstorm
04. FL-X - Behind Reality
05. Svetec - Between Life and Death
06. Boris S. - A Moment of Darkness
07. O.B.I. - Hardtechno Symphony
08. Sven Wittekind - Luxuria
09. Boris S. - Don't You Wanna Pussy Ride
10. Alex TB - Fucking my Mind
11. Svetec - Somnolism
12. Pet Duo - Timeslive [Svetec Remix]
13. Boris S. - Back
14. The Prodigy - Out of Space [Schranz Bootleg]

dns -
rly nice schranz , keep spinin like this:P  :yay:
Josh-T -
Fuckin' Crump
The requsted file does not exist on this server.
Addict -
re up this set please
Jeroeenn -
If I can find it on my comp, I guess I will.
Jeroeenn -
Jeroeenn -
Any more comments?  :p
joutoe -
Wanneer komt er weer een nieuwe Schanz mix van jou ?
 :W  :W  :W  :W  :W  :W  :W  :W  :W
NaeosPsy -
File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server  >.<
Heartcore -
Schranz me a River
re up pl0x  :thumbsup:
eMule -
Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot
Heartcore -
Schranz me a River
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held  :worship: