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Lem-X @ History Of D-Boy Records Session 6

Early Terror

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Laatst gewijzigd door: Hansolo @

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Lengte: 01:52:10

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Live mix on FB the 1st of february 2018 by Dj Lem-X
Mix only with vinyls !!!

Gestemd door: DJTheJoker The_Sociopath Hansolo
Favoriet van: Hansolo


1--DB 095--The Masochist & Digital Boy--Shout Out (Accappella)
2--DB 051--The Destroyer--I'm A Calm Guy
3--DB 116--DJ Inyoung & DJ Diehard--Gibberish
4--DB 007--The Destroyer--Break Your Speaker!! (3nd Mix)
5--DB 051--The Destroyer--Total Hate (2nd Mix)
6--DB 102--Kaos--Fuck Is Right (The Destroyer Rmx)
7--DB 051--The Destroyer--Mind Carnage (Remix)
8--DB 007--The Destroyer--You Fuckin' Mutha Fucker! (Original Mix)
9--DB 066--DJ Jappo Vs DJ Lancinhouse--Aim-Os
10--DB 015--Placid K--Arabian Rave (PK Mix)
11--DB 037--Placid K--La Bambolina
12--DB 069--Randy-Lukas - Micropoint--Mi Lu Ra
13--DB 019--The Destroyer--My Brain Is Sick (Original Mix)
14--DB 136--The Destroyer--CSK
15--DB 034--Rob Gee feat. Chris Styles--Gabberslam (Live At Limelight USA)
16--DB 051--The Destroyer--Big Bit
17--DB 034--Rob Gee--Big Mac Daddy
18--DB 033--Dj 8MIX--Children, Get Up (The Destroyer Remix)
19--DB 069--Manuel E.S. & DJ X-Fly--Nation Of Domination
20--DB 034--Rob Gee--Son Of Rob Gee
21--DB 130--The Destroyer--Street Fuckers
22--DB 031--The Destroyer--The Destroyer Is Back
23--DB 040--The Destroyer--BRBRBROB GEE Suck My Beat!
24--DB 063--The Destroyer--Rave Is My Church
25--DB 040--The Destroyer--Distorted Terror
26--DB 063--The Destroyer--Kolumbus Bicht
27--DB 069--The Destroyer--Chimical Boulder
28--DB 029--The Destroyer Feat. Ernestina--The Korrosive Adventure
29--DB 031--The Destroyer--Toasted Dork
30--DB 040--The Destroyer--Arcade X-Perience (4 Levels Of Hardcore)
31--DB 042--The Destroyer--Fuck The Dream
32--DB 031--The Destroyer--Fuckin Hostile (Burp Mix)
33--DB 042--The Destroyer--Hardcore Healing
34--DB 063--The Destroyer--I Vicini Di Casa
35--DB 031--The Destroyer--The Destroyer!!!
36--DB 040--The Destroyer--Mass Of Shit
37--DB 063--The Destroyer--Mind Carnage (Original Mix)
38--DB 018--Placid K--Time For PK Message
39--DB 069--The Destroyer--Terror
40--DB 051--The Destroyer--Total Hate (Over 300 BPM)
41--DB 064--System 3--The Final Countdown (Outro)
42--DB 051--The Destroyer--Total Hate (Nuclear Experience)

Hansolo [Set Editor] -
Just Early Terror  :thumbsup: