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Meatchopper 118 @ Hit 'n Run Soundsystem 10 Year Anniversary

Breakcore   Chiptune   Terror

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Meatchopper 118 - Sanctuary Stage @ 10 Year Hit 'n Run Soundsystem Anniversary @ Hemkade 13-01-2018

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1. Loctek - Detective Miyako
2. Qerity - Overeen Moment
3. 虚空戦士 - 1 Dollar = 123.32 Yen (11/17/2015 2:18pm ET Mix)
4. Mekuso & Sonnie - Ten Fragment Z Kwasem
5. Kobaryo - ヤンデレのハードコアに死ぬほど略
6. Kyou1110 - 馬牧場
7. Lulickma & Loctek - 21st
8. Ankokushinwa - Xig Xile Amen
9. Lisbent - Sanity Roll Failed (Voodoo Orgy Edit)
10. Meow Meow - 狐火夜行 -Boogeymans-Parade- (Meow Meow Remix)
11. Bondage Schoolgirls Torture - Euphoria
12. jANUS - Verbena Officinalis
13. Netsu Summer Beat - ª•óØàu‚ß
14. Negrobeat x DJKurara - 唐澤!尊師!(Karasawa! Sonshi!)
15. Disembowelment - Blackened
16. DJKurara - Futuristic Killing Weapon
17. LOLIPO - ふぁくぶれ!
18. TAROLIN - 狐火夜行 -Boogeymans Parade-
19. Pocotan - Fighting!
20. Hawawa - Mental Oxide
21. Simi - I Wanna Be W Krainie Snuff
22. t+pazolite - Ghostly Parapara Ship (Horror Struck Edit)

alexvdh -
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Only knew this guy for months, didn't knew he was so implicate in the move and in j-connections
DelugeOfSound [Moderator] -
On 26-08-2019 19:33:16, alexvdh wrote:

Only knew this guy for months, didn't knew he was so implicate in the move and in j-connections

He literally hosts the Dutch version of the Japanese breakcore concept Amen Zoo. Also went to Japan last year for a series of gigs.
He did change his name from Producer 118 to Meatchopper 118 though so that might be why you're unfamiliar.
alexvdh -
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Didn't knew for his name, i discovered him through my soundcloud feed last year