Shoutbox: [20-04] eMule: liever raki

DJ Aria @ J-Core Mix Diamond

UK Happy Hardcore

Toegevoegd door: AkiraDark95 @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 01:12:18

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So I quit for 6 months and now I am semi back - I don't know how often I'll upload but at the very least I'm not completely dead. You can thank KyuubiRaver for that (he convinced me to come back).

Having not uploaded in 6 months I basically just decided to play every song I really wanted to play that I acquired in that time (and some others) without caring too much about amazing transitions. As much as Kyuubi tells me it isn't shit I still think it is but hey he beats me up all the time for thinking things are more shit than they actually are.

Shout out to DJ BrainShit's photoshopping skills. The video image is a combination of these two pictures:

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1. 熊木杏里 - End of the World (LU-I Remix)
2. Sanaas - Dreamy Dreamer
3. hurce - Lilac
5. MUZIK SERVANT ft. masazi - wonder seven (LU-I Remix)
6. cobalt green - Flashback
7. LU-I - Spread
8. polysha & Soleily - Flamberge
9. cobalt green - Autumn flow
10. Arch - Starlights
11. LU-I - With you
12. fripSide - Level5 Judgelight (RvNovae Bootleg)
13. pocotan - Snow White
14. Sanaas - You Make Me Feel
15. Freezer - Somebody I Could BE
16. Soleily - Life goes on
17. DJ Genki - Lift Me
18. Epsilon - Witch's Caprice
19. LU-I - Daybreak (cobalt green Remix)