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Taufan @ Sunday Afternoon At Home

Tekno   Acid

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Sunday afternoon at home - July 2017

"Just a short recording of a session at home, without the uplifting energy of an active audience. Recorded around the second half of July 2017 as a little substitute for the failed recording of the liveset at Kamikaze - made in a similar vein.

Plain hardware tweak-session on Nord G2 Engine; Quasimidi Polymorph and Rave-o-lution; Sherman FB2; MAM ADX-1 and SQ-16; Korg Volca Kick and Boss Metalzone MKII.

(Inspired by Nour's Shermanism and thanks to Jimmy for selling his filter bank; contains one synthesizer sound made with DMT trio for Zombie Kru 3010 B and one made with Guyom.)"

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