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Viciouz @ Dominator Festival 2018 – Wrath of Warlords | DJ contest mix

Industrial Hardcore   Crossbreed

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This is my shot on the Dominator Contest 2018.

It would be a really huge milestone be a part of this festival as an artist so I just give it a try!

Enjoy 17 rough tracks as fast mixed as it was possible with my 2 deck Nexus Setup... I really need a third player!

A selection of finest Industrial Hardcore, including 1 own track and 2 Mashups by me.

If you like it, feel free to repost, share etc. to show it to your friends  :)


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This set was mixed with 2x CDJ 2000 Nexus and a DJM 900 Nexus.

Gestemd door: nicohc Matzetwo Krettler AlexCrossbreed DopeyMHL Hansolo Wirzz mrshcr terrormark Anexus-X
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1. DJIPE - Shadowcuts (Intro)
2. N-Vitral & Sei2ure - Let's Get Dirty
3. DJIPE - Shadowcuts
4. eDUB vs Penta vs I:Gor - 1,2 Bassdrop outta Kielce (Mashup by Viciouz)
5. Sei2ure - Partystarter
6. Viciouz - Where Is My Snare
7. Detest & Deterrent Man - Break The Mirror
8. eDUB - Fuxk Off
9. I:Gor - Loaded & Cocked
10. Igneon System - Push It To The Limit
11. The Satan - Meat
12. The Outside Agency - Locker Room Talk
13. Repix & Partyraiser - Ode To The Underground (Mashup by Viciouz)
14. Blaster - El Control
15. Rebelion & Garra - DRUG$$
16. Igneon System - Headknocker
17. Sei2ure - Back The Fuck up