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Galvatron @ This Is Jungle Vol. 1


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Been hearing quite a few Jungle sets, mixes, podcasts etc lately that dont seam to have any Jungle in them so i decided to record a little mix of some of the tunes ive been playing out at gigs recently and give everyone my take on what i reckon modern Jungle is about... agree or not, its just music so either turn it up and lets get down together or walk on by and have a nice day....  ;) haha
If anyone is interested in booking me for sets, this is the type of stuff i play so hit me up -
please feel free to download, like, comment and/or give it a share and help spread some vibes!!!  :)

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1. Burro Banton - No Problem (Riffz Remix)
2. D.I.S - Funky Skank (420 Cut)
3. Lavery - Akai Blackeye
4. Veak - Come On Bad Boy
5. Sound Shifter - Dis Jungle VIP
6. Sully - Soundboy Dont Push Your Luck
7. DJ Westy - Lion
8. Galvatron - Bam Bada
9. Omen Breaks - Massive
10. Positive Fyah - Cowboys Hunter
11. Sariuo - Cant See You
12. Duburban - Beat Gangstars
13. Supa Ape - Greenfinch
14. Substrate - Crayfish
15. Duburban - Lighter Massive
16. ScattyOne - Mash It Up
17. Galvatron - Revolution
18. Galvatron - No Wicked VIP