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Radiance @ SpoonCast 022

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The SpoonCast is Spoontech's podcast concept, featuring live broadcasting on Facebook (including chat sessions with our artists and fellow Spoontech fans) and episodes every other week. For the 22nd episode, we invited the master of psychdelics to present you brand new tracks, Radiance!

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1. Shpongle - Strange Planet
2. Radiance - The Psychedelics
3. Hatom - The Ritual
4. Geck-O & DJ Thera - Troll Face
5. Radiance ft. Maarja - Forsaken Grounds (Reimagined)
6. Radiance - The Messenger (Reimagined)
7. B-Front - Eternal Voice
8. Infirium - Ocean Machine
9. Radiance - The Unforgiven (Reimagined)
10. T.C.C - That Acid Tho
11. Vazard - Heavolution 303
12. Whitebear x Sumiruna - Amalg

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