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Waarschuwing: er zit een irritante MC in deze liveset.

Joey Riot @ Westfest 2015

UK Happy Hardcore

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Lengte: 00:39:52

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Joey Riot @ Westfest 2015

Dj Joey Riot & Mc Storm
Slammin Vinyl & Hardcore Heaven - Westfest 2015
Saturday 31st October 2015 @ The Royal Bath & West Showground

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hakalakeleuh -
Goddamit.... been waiting for some new sets from Joey Riot, we finally get a new one.... and it's got MC fucking Storm over the top!
What is it with you people in the UK... you hear good music and you think "This would be so much better with an annoying idiot yelling over the top of it"
hakalakeleuh -
Doesn't matter anyway... this a god-awful terrible HHC set anyway  :(