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Projekt8 @ Promo Mix Of New Sound 2018


Toegevoegd door: ProPodziemie @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:16:14

Meer info
New sound and original style of Danny Toples!  :)

Bekijk als platte tekst


1. Projekt8 - Tunell
2. Projekt8 - Dreadvance
3. Projekt8 - Flash
4. Anomaly X - ZooM (Projekt8 Remix)
5. Projekt8 - SoundX
6. Projekt8 - Wind
7. deadmau5 - Some Kind Of Blue (Projekt8 Edit)
8. Projekt8 - Hydrabass
9. Projekt8 - Hardparty

ProPodziemie -
A mix consisting of only 9 of my tracks and remixes promoting my new projects. Sound of electronic music - my own kicks, original bass and original arrangement, melody and style. If you are interested in how music sounds in my performance, hit the link. Let me know what you think about my music in the commentary.  :thumbsup:
ProPodziemie -
Will anyone find 16 minutes to listen to my mix consisting of only my tracks and projects? I really care about honest feedback and not about impressions or attitudes. I need MOBILIZATION and MOTIVATION to create more, more and more creatively. I am asking you to listen and evaluate, to indicate the pros and cons of my work.
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