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Swarm Intelligence @ EXE Project M018

Ambient   Intelligent Dance Music   Noise

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Lengte: 01:19:59

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EXE - M018 - Swarm Intelligence (2017)

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Virile Games – Steel Church [Hospital Productions]
Ron Morelli – To Celebrate Through the Storm [Hospital Productions]
Broken English Club – Our History in Bones [Death & Leisure]
Henry Gillett – Migrant [Algebra Of Need]
Fis – CMB Inna [Subtext]
Noumeno – Computer Worm [Portals Editions]
Ancestral Voices – Sleepless Ritual (Samuel Kerridge Remix) [Horo]
Talker – My Favourite Color is Gold [Standards & Practices]
Shapednoise – Dream Within A Dream [Type]
Kareem – Druids [Zhark Recordings]
Black Rain & Shapednoise – Interceptor [Cosmo Rhythmatic]
Shadows – What if They Are Watching You [Leyla]
Voilet Poison – Seeding Holes [Veleno Viola]
Operant – The Alpha is Destroyed [Instruments of Discipline]
Emptyset – Collapse [Raster Noton]
Dot Product – Balloons [Osiris Music]
Nerve – Heads And Ordinary Concrete [A Colourful Storm]
Pessimist Ft. Overlook – No Matter What [Blackest Ever Black]
Stave – Fought Pt. 4 [aiia Recordings]
Honzo – Moral Masochism (Shadows Remix) [Arboretum]
Simbiosi – Dixentra [Cosmo Rhythmatic]
These Hidden Hands Feat. Lucrecia Dalt – These Moments Dismantled [Hidden Hundred]
Samuel Kerridge – Radical Possibilities Of Pleasure [Downwards]
SØS Gunver Ryberg – 1170 Siva (Bare Bones) [Contort]
Lakker – Eris Pt. 1 [Eotrax]
Swarm Intelligence – Courtyard [Rust]