Shoutbox: [12:54] DelugeOfSound: Nee, hij is Trephine, de man die veel van die meuk upload op zn mixcloud. Promo heeft hier geen account voor zover ik weet.

Mind Dimension @ SpoonCast 025


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The SpoonCast is Spoontech's podcast concept, featuring live broadcasting on Facebook (including chat sessions with our artists and fellow Spoontech fans) and a lot of episodes! The 25th episode is hosted by Mind Dimension, who did a really creative mix including exclusive new stuff!

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1. KRTM ft. Twan - Gum & Something That Puts You In a Wheelchair
2. Geck-o - Assquake ULTRAVIP
3. D-Clear ft. Josh & Wesz - Mindgame
4. N-Vitral - Such Kick
5. Wavolizer - The Chief
6. Main Concern - Gravity (original vs Mind Dimension Remix)
7. Mind Dimension & The Purge - Let's Do This
8. The Purge - What's That Sound
9. Mind Dimension - Warfare (2018 Edit)
10. Mind Dimension - Once Again
11. Vazard & Main Concern - Wonderland Destroyed
12. Mind Dimension - #BadNews

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