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Death Qualia @ Dissonanze 39

Industrial   Speedcore

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Lengte: 01:05:00

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Dissonanze 39 | Death Qualia

Gestemd door: hardcorerepublic


Echologist - "Junkyard" [Dissonanze Intro Qu]
arkady - "NKVD" [forthcoming Blankstairs]
Mats Erlandsson - "Description Was The Star" [forthcoming Portals Editions] [No Deaths Editions]
Icoste - "Join The Only Mind" [unreleased]
Death Qualia - [diss armor]
OAKE - [unreleased] [Death Nap version]
Iain Armstrong - "Strange Attractor" [unreleased]
Lain vs Nevros live set 2010 [clip]
Abjection - [unreleaed]
Jonny Greenwood - "The Hunt" [Lakeshore Records 2018]
Death Qualia - [Dissonanze Qualia]
C Mantle - "Kone" [unreleased]
Roberto Crippa - "Ring" [forthcoming Portals Editions]
Death Qualia - "Diet Jihad atmos"
Æthereal Arthropod & Death Qualia - "Death Emissions of The Accelerated Cambrian Replicator" [Dissonanze code]
Belief Defect - "Fake Disciples" [Raster]
Death Qualia - "Let's Talk About Death."
Diagnostic - "Precursor" [forthcoming Jezgro]
Death Qualia - [Dissonanze Qualia]
Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow - "The Alien" [Lakeshore Records 2018]
KK Null - "Armageddon Sky" [forthcoming Jezgro]
Death Qualia - "Hunter / Hunter"
Death Qualia - "Hunter / Hunter II"
The David Terry Orchestra
Alien8 & Gridbug - "Straalmotor" [unreleased]
Abjection - "0.143 dGy_cm²Sensitivity- 0 (broken hand mix)" [unreleased]
Icoste - "Join The Only Mind" [unreleased]
Death Qualia - [Dissonanze Outro]
Shaddah TUUM - "Cell of Greed" [forthcoming Bedouin Records]