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Geck-o & D00d @ The Funky Cat 33

Electro   Hardstyle

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Lengte: 01:03:16

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Our boys Geck-o and D00d have just spent a week in the studio, not only producing two crazy tracks and visiting De Efteling, but also recording the new episode of our radioshow!

The Funky Cat brings playful, diverse and forward-thinking electronic music. Music that makes you dance, free from any boundaries. There’s way more to experience behind the curtains of normality...

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1. D00d - Reduxity
2. Dog Blood - Next Order
3. Phonix - Body Work (Argy Remix)
4. Tiga - Mind Dimension 2
5. L.A. Style - James Brown is Dead (Rap Mix)
6. Clouds - Matter
7. Scalameriya - Let My Flesh Be Your Sacrament
8. Stampatron - Chainlink
9. Deapmash - Tension
10. Geck-o - Technoir
11. Splinta - Shock Therapy (Rising Altitude Mix)
12. Electric Universe - Bansuri
13. Tocs - 1 (Scot Project Mix)
14. Bellecour - Quinoa Vibration
15. Hatom - Bouncing Rasta
16. Sub Zero Project - The XPRMNT
17. Geck-o - Assquake ULTRAVIP^2
18. Donkey Rollers - What's Your Plan
19. Levela - Tribal Funk
20. DJ Hidden - Mind Prison
21. D00d - Into Winning (Wavolizer Remix)
22. The Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do