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pAArttime skumbag @ Electronic Vomit 2

Eclectic   Hardcore   Ambient

Toegevoegd door: pAArttimeskumbag @

Lengte: 00:58:20

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Various genres of electronic music vomited out one after the other. Loosely telling the story of a skumbag.

Chapter one: naivety disguised as wonder.
Chapter two: addiction disguised as comfort.
Chapter three: obsession disguised as love.
Chapter four: emptiness.
Chapter five: hatred.

Gestemd door: DelugeOfSound

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1. Semiomime - Parade
2. Semiomime - The Exquisites
3. Epsilon - Pills
4. Clint Mansell - Memories (Someone We'll Never Know)
5. The Caretaker - Date With An Angel
6. Promo - Love everything about her now
7. Fracture 4 - Thank You For Breaking My Heart
8. Stormtrooper - A Part Of You Remains
9. Zenith - A Tear In Heart
10. Cubic Nomad ft. Fracture 4 - Fading