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It's time for something new!????
I'll upload not 1, but 2 mixes on soundcloud. I've recorded this mix in 25 minutes, 230 bpm with such an insane vibe, I decided to challenge an other uptempo Dj/producer to beat me. Beat me in those 25 minutes with a better mix than me.. (Don't get me wrong. I don't think i'm better then any Dj or Producer, it's just for fun and for those who love new mixes) (And a little bit competition isn't wrong I guess????)

A couple years ago I was listening uptempo mixes all day long. Mindspitter was 1 of my favourite dj's and his mixes we're always hitting my earphones. They also inspired me for the faster uptempo. So this all together made me decide to challenge him for this first edition of Vato Challenges!

BPM's won't say a word. It's all about the vibe you get. Which mix makes you go insane? Let us know in the answers, on soundcloud or on Facebook. And tell us why ????

Mindspitter's Mix will show up today also, so keep tuned on soundcloud????

Have a good one!

P.s ( Sorry eddy, for raping your track <3 )

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1. Vandal!sm & EddyHardcore - 4 The Haterz (Hard Effectz & EddyHardcore 2018 Refix)
2. FrenchFaces - Massacre (Barber Remix)
3. Re-Style ft. Alee & Diesel - Ultimate Hardcore Feeling (Hatred Edit)
4. Project One - Maximum Force (Hatred Edit)
5. RBA - No Alternative (ReFrenchFix)
6. Hard Effectz - Cryogenic Mashup
7. Hatred - Don't Fuck With The Gangster (Mashup)
8. Simon Says & Re-Fuzz - Make It Bun Dem (Bootleg)
9. The Dark Horror - Mashup #1
10. Vandal!sm - A Way Of Life
11. Unresolved - Mashtempo 1.0
12. FrenchFaces - Lost MC (Spitnoise Remix)
13. Sjammienators & Vato - Grasmaaier
14. Trespassed - 2 Clips Bitch
15. Soldiers Of Core - Fuckin' Nuts
16. Spitnoise & Hard Effectz - B#TCH
17. Hard Effectz - Fuck Up The Speakers Mashup
18. Mind Compressor & The Dark Horror - Coke Boy
19. Repix - 100% Dreamteam Mashup
20. Soldiers Of Core - Kick 'Em
21. Trespassed & Hard Effectz - Explosion
22. Sjammienators & Ysiss - Make You Sweat
23. Hatred - Don't Fuck With The Gangster (Mashup)
24. Neroz & Insidiouz - Distortion (Hatred Fuck Up)
25. Cryogenic - Mot#3rF$ck3r
26. MC Ludo - Maren Kessel Tunnel Rave (Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Remix)
27. Hatred - Addicts
28. Sjammienators - Allemaal Onvoldoende