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Projekt8 @ Free Album Mix 2018

Electro   House   Industrial

Toegevoegd door: ProPodziemie @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 00:17:22

Meer info
Hello. I present you my album in the mixed version, in the description on the soundcloud you will find a link to the full version of the album. Do not take into account the fact that this mix is tagged with House music for one hundred percent, I would rather say that it is an indefinable type of mixed electronic music. Most of the songs are characterized by the originality of ideas and an original combination of experimental sounds created using plug-ins and virtual synthesizers. Even the bass is made "by my self". I encourage all LSDB users to listen to my music and this mix and share their own suggestions and thoughts.
PS. During this period, I celebrate a small jubilee related to several years of electronic music creation, the beginnings were classical - poor sounds and terrible quality, later some sampled pieces that already had a little more sense ... then I recorded what I liked doing until I came to a point where everyone close friends or you Internet folks tell me that I ''must'' to distribute my music through some labels and finally publish it ... Therefore, being aware of what progress I have made and what else I need to improve - please - check out my mix of free album and share your thoughts.

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1. Projekt8 - Intro
2. Projekt8 - Tunnel
3. Projekt8 - Kawa i Refleksja
4. Projekt8 - Astral
5. Projekt8 - Oddech
6. Projekt8 - Noisecontroller
7. Projekt8 - Elektron
8. Projekt8 - Trepod
9. Projekt8 - Trick Or Treat
10. Projekt8 - Legends Of Strobe
11. Projekt8 - Low Pass Stereo
12. Projekt8 - Wind
13. Projekt8 - Outro