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Colin H @ BXR Versus Mix

Hardtrance   Techno

Toegevoegd door: ColinHQ @

Bestandstype: 320 kbit MP3
Lengte: 01:13:00

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Late 90's / early 2000's vinyl set I done for the Peaceday Broadcast earlier in the year. Every other tune is BXR, the rest are random picks.

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1. Bismark - Make A Dream (Club Mix)
2. Raum Und Kalte vs Eric Eightball - Lo Fi
3. DJ Pure - My Definition
4. DJ Dan presents Needle Damage - That Zipper Track (DJ Elite Remix)
5. Mario Piu vs Fabio MC - Invaders
6. Chemo - Induction
7. Fabio MC - Zelig
8. Denver McCarthy - Ruffage (Chris McCormack's UK Gold Remix)
9. Fabio MC - Mimic (Cerebral Percussion Mix)
10. DJ Mishka - Fith Element (Skyscraper Mix)
11. Marco Zaffarano - Weltklang (Marco Zaffarano Remix)
12. Tom Wax & Jan Jakarta - Electronic Music
13. Mauro Picotto - Wake Up
14. Guy McAffer & Eddie Kovach - RAW 12B
15. Bismark - Trasp 1
16. Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson - Lip Service