Shoutbox: [27-06] pointlesspoint: Heeft iemand een idee of de track Count Negative & Mc Drokz - Death Of A Zombie ergens digitaal aangeboden wordt? Ik wil de track verwerken in een hardcore try-out mix. Drokz zelf antwoordt niet op Soundcloud etc.

Florilu @ Frenchcore Mix December 2018 #1


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Lengte: 00:57:06

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Hey there!

Here's my newest mix which isn't delayed for one day, or two, but three. If you want to know why this is, you can look into my "Community"-tab.

Have fun with this one!

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1. Andy The Core & X-Mind - Disto Disco
2. Fant4stik & Dr. Peacock - Gopher Mambo
3. Para Italia - Bad Ass Bass
4. Dr. Peacock & Dope DOD - Acid Bomb
5. Dr. Peacock - Muzika (Sefa Remix)
6. Dr. Peacock - Trip To Ireland
7. D-Sturb & Sefa - Nothing Like the Oldschool
8. Dr. Peacock - Vive La Volta (Sefa Remix)
9. Dr. Peacock & Floxytek - Trip To Romania
10. Dr. Peacock & Andy The Core - We Control You
11. Dr. Peacock & Ohmboy - Trip to the Wild West (Hyrule War Remix)
12. Jkll - Cannon Control
13. La Teigne - Promise
14. Skull Demon - Voices From Heaven
15. Zyklon - Messed Up (Sefa Remix)
16. Remzcore - Never Folding
17. Dr. Peacock & Sefa - The Human Mind
18. Dr. Peacock & N-Vitral - Disorder