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Tanukichi @ Frenchcore S'il Vous Plait Hardtek Podcast 2

Hardtek   Frenchcore   UK Hardcore

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Hardtek podcast 2 by Tanukichi!

Native Japanese. Co-founder of and ex-Street Fighter 2 champion. After becoming the champion at the age of 10, he started to strum the guitar with his father. Between the age of 15 and 20, he became a walking menace of a guitarist in the local Hardcore metal bands. With the multitude of distortion beat wave sounds, he began to focus more on the Electronic music thrills. As he experienced free parties he discovered techno sounds. Pure bass vibrations hit him right through the body. Today he has been playing all over Europe, including Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland, France (Electrobotik Invasion), Spain (Selvatek), UK (Balter Festival), Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic (X-Massacre, Beats for Love) …etc In 2016, he founded a Hardtek label called based in in Tokyo together with DJ Sharpnel, in order to bring all the best Hardtek music from Europe to Japan and connect the cultures. Soon after, this label and his Japanese crew became a bridge of the hard music scenes between Japan and all over the world.

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1. Tanukichi - Cannon Ball
2. Slap - Floxytek & Tanukichi
3. Gamm@ - Calico Electronico (Tanukichi Remix)
4. Maissouille - Cypher (Floxytek Remix)
5. M-Project & Tanukichi - Oh Oh Oh!!
6. Barely Alive - Doggo (ShockOne Remix) (Tanukichi speed dnb edit)
7. ID (Tanukichi - ID)
8. Tanukichi - Visitorz
9. KaijuSquad - Cloverfield
10. Angerfist & Radium - Just Like That
11. Zero Hero - Bass Drop - Tanukichi edit
12. Tanukichi vs Savage States - Lost Dimension
13. Alryk vs Dustvoxx - Bass Wizard
14. Eye D, DJ Hidden & Switch Technique - One For The Team
15. LRAD - Tanukichi Hardtek Remix
16. Usao - Fxxking Hihgh (Tanukichi Remix)
17. Tanukichi & Loctek - Laser Blade (RB Short VIP)
18. Tanukichi - Egyptian (Matt Weasel vs Tanukichi Megaspeed VIP)
19. Radium - Rockin Fire
20. Tanukichi - Hammer Pitch
21. Mat Weasel - Shine
22. Tanukichi & E-Coli - Teknobrasster
23. Tanukichi & Neika - Nebulosa
24. Zone-33 - Playground
25. KaijuSquad - GodKillerz
26. Tanukichi & Dustvoxx - King of Atlantis - Tanukichi short VIP
27. Maissouille - Nerfs à vif (The Mastery & Demencia Remix)
28. DJ Mutante - And By The Way Hot Dog Day! (Tanukichi edit)
29. Mat Weasel vs Tanukichi - Ladies & Gentlemen
30. Maissouille - Lesion (Tanukichi Remix)
31. Fant4stik vs DR. Peacock - Tequill4
32. Tanukichi - Bassa Nova

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