Shoutbox: [09:41] D4rQW4v3: hey all .. guys would you remember old early hardstyle shuffle track if i remember it was something german and really long like Geschwinkhardstyle... the artist nam probably had Z in it... i cant find it  :D

Rude Awakening @ r_AWunion 2018

Industrial Hardcore   Hardcore

Toegevoegd door: DJTheJoker @
Laatst gewijzigd door: Hansolo @

Lengte: 00:58:28

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Rude Awakening @ r_AWunion 2018 P60 Amstelveen

Gestemd door: Hansolo hardcorerepublic DJTheJoker
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Hansolo [Set Editor] -
More Millennium Hardcore in my opinion  :a:
DJTheJoker -
I dont care what People say
On 09-01-2019 19:17:19, Hansolo wrote:

More Millennium Hardcore in my opinion  :a:

Yep Set sounds more like DJ Promo instead as Rude Awakening