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Pattern J @ Frenchcore S'il Vous Plait Podcast 5


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Lengte: 01:15:24

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Presenting Frenchcore S'il Vous Plait Podcast 5 by Pattern J!

Skilled composer, great fan of video games and original soundtracks, Pattern J is very quickly distinguished from other frenchcore composers by a very strong melodic universe and particular sounds. Very early, he release tracks on prestigious labels like Absurd Audio, Psychik Genocide or R909. Each of his live set are ultimate sensory experiences where speed and beats take a wicked blow in the teeth!

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1. Pattern J - A Kiss From Eternity (Part 3)
2. Pattern J - Sweet Punch
3. Very Bad Tricks - Perfect Storm (Unreleased Version)
4. Pattern J & Unit - Electrik Blast
5. Pattern J - That Night
6. Pattern J - What You Need
7. Very Bad Tricks - Break The Rules
8. Pattern J - Beautiful Disaster
9. Pattern J - Mellow
10. Pinnacle & Thumpa - Like a Bulldozer (The Speed Freak Remix)
11. The Sickest Squad - Death by stereo
12. The Sickest Squad ft. Kraken - Re-vo-lu-tion
13. Pattern j - u freaky
14. Dustboxxxx - Overrun The Signal (Pattern J Remix)
15. Pattern J - The Last Resort
16. Pattern J - (Unreleased Track)
17. Androgyn Network - Hard Sensation
18. Nukem - Burn Down Your System
19. The Sickest Squad & Radium Ft. Kraken - Bomb By Bomb
20. The Speed Freak - Hated (DJ Mutante Remix)
21. Pattern J - Running Riot
22. Pattern J & Dualcore - We Hunger

HardT3K-Tic [Set Editor] -
-Pattern J - A Kiss From Eternity (Part 3)
-Pattern J - Sweet Punch
-Very Bad Tricks - Perfect Storm (Unreleased Version)
-Pattern J & Unit - Electrik Blast
-Pattern J - That Night
-Pattern J - What You Need
-Very Bad Tricks - Break The Rules
-Pattern J - Beautiful Disaster
-Pattern J - Mellow
-Pinnacle & Thumpa - Like a Bulldozer (The Speed Freak remix)
-The Sickest Squad - Death By Stereo
-The Sickest Squad Feat Kraken - Re-vo-lu-tion
-Pattern J - U Freaky
-Dustboxxxx - Overrun The Signal (Pattern J remix)
-Pattern J - The Last Resort
-Pattern J - (Unreleased Track)
-Androgyn Network - Hard Sensation
-Nukem - Burn Down Your System
-The Sickest Squad & Radium Feat Kraken - Bomb By Bomb
-The Speed Freak - Hated (Dj Mutante remix)
-Pattern J - Running Riot
-Pattern J & Dualcore - We Hunger