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Stana @ The Hard Axis Show 056 (Fear.FM)


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Stana, the Swedish DJ/Producer from Theracords label, returns to Hard Axis after a successful Australian tour to show us his "Stanastyle" yet again. Mixing a set full of hard-tech beats and progressing to hardstyle in the end makes for energetic variation of sound. It is only a matter of time before Stana takes over the industry!

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1st hour: Special Guest DJ, "Stana" (Hard-Techno)

2nd hour: The Hard Axis Show presents "Request Hour" mixed by DJ Sogma (Hardstyle/Hardcore)

01. Dutch Master - Pride (Hard Axis Track of the Day)
02. Noisecontrollers - Venom
03. Frontliner vs. Marc Acardipane - Outside World 2009 (Outside Spacer Remix)
04. Project One - Rate Reducer (Headhunterz Remix)
05. Donkey Rollers - LMPSJNK
06. The Hose - The Piano Song (Alla Vechia Mix)
07. Showtek - The Colours of the Harder Styles (Defqon 2006 Anthem)
08. Dark by Design - Blackout (Original Mix)
09. A-Lusion - Veritas
10. A-Lusion - In Trouble
11. Donkey Rollers - Voice of Conscience
12. Wildstylez - The Moon
13. Tatanka pres. J. Hiroshy - Showtime (Tatanka Remix)
14. Abyss & Judge - Rockit
15. Tuneboy - Regenerate-it
16. Mike NRG - Lost in Dreams (Weapon-X Remix)

djblacksun -
Fake Shit hard techno ?  :-/  :w00t:
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On 03-07-2009 21:31:45, djblacksun wrote: hard techno ?  :-/  :w00t:

Hard-Techno is only played on the harder channel thanks to The Hard Axis Show. Hard Axis caters to all styles of hard dance music. We cover Hardstyle, Hard-Tech, Hard-Trance, Hardcore, and many more...  :D
NeRk -
ÑaM ÑaM!
Stanastyle  :yay:  :yay:
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Hardstyle?  :D
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On 07-07-2009 10:44:21, IceManPr0 wrote:

Hardstyle?  :D

1st hour: Special Guest DJ, "Stana" (Hard-Techno)