Shoutbox: [30-11] ThaClown: meh, listened some stuff on SC. Southfrap Alliance has some nice early-sounding tracks, there's definately some good stuff there. La Zone is not really my thing, much of the same

Coone @ Global Dedication 039


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◉ Global Dedication
Presented By Coone.

Global Dedication is a podcast created by the purest dedication of Hard Dance! Coone’s personal touch and your lively input on each episode will form the creation of the next month's episode.

Use your voice to shape the Global Dedication podcast and join in the discussion using the hashtag #GlobalDedication on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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  Global Dedication Intro
1. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Forthenite (Global Hit Of The Month)
2. Sephyx ft. Syren - Breathe Hardstyle
3. D-Block & S-Te-Fan vs Coone - Creation Of Life (Reverze Anthem 2009) (Global Classic)
4. Sound Rush ft. Michael Jo - Breakaway (Global Premiere)
5. Cyber - Falling
6. Wildstylez & E-Life - Run With The Wolves (Global Listeners Choice)
7. Refuzion - You & I
8. Da Tweekaz x Refuzion - Because Of You
9. Lowriderz x Linka & Mondello - Indian Riddim
10. Sephyx - Go Down
11. Demi Kanon ft. Nino Lucarelli - Among The Stars
12. Jesse Jax - Dark Star
13. Toneshifterz - Reloaded
14. Sub Zero Project ft. Christina Novelli - The Contagion
15. Zatox - Animals
16. Enemy Contact - Fury
17. Hard Driver - No Rest For The Wicked
18. Tatanka & Zatox Pres. Wild Motherfuckers - Hard Bass (Ran-D Remix)
19. Public Enemies - Universal Nation
20. Gunz For Hire - Don't Look