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PLO @ Mindcast 054


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MINDCAST.54 // PLO - Live Recording For Mindcast 02/2019


This Mindcast is a recording of jam No. 44 and it is played as recorded with no overdubs, no edits - fully improvised in August 2018.
Two one-hour long sessions were done. The first one was published as POOLcast 036 in November 2018 and the second one is covered by this episode of our Mindcast.
Musicians are: Demas, ANN, GNILYF, Dr.Nojoke and the artist formerly known as From Karaoke To Stardom.

Equipment used:
Sony Vaio & Apple Laptop / Ableton Live, M4L & Waves and Ohmboyz plug-ins
iPad - Pattering, Animoog, Thor apps
Elektron Ritm & Octatrack & Digitone
Koma Elektronik Field Kit and Field Kit FX
two tape-recorders
Zoom multieffect
TC Electronics ditto looper

Tracklist //
01 PLO - pool lab orchestra - Session 044.2 [2018]