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Primeshock @ Powermode #PWM13


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It's a new year, and Powermode is BACK! Primeshock presents another hour packed with energetic Hardstyle! #PWM13 is a special episode in which the line-up of the first-ever Powermode Event, which will be held on March the 23rd, is highlighted.
On top of that, the latest Primeshock release called 'Off The Hook' is featured in this podcast. 2019 has a lot to offer, you'll hear all about it in Powermode Episode 13, presented by Primeshock!

#PWM13 | Powermode - Presented by Primeshock

“Primeshock” is the direct effect of a Hardstyle bomb that dropped too hard. Devouring the Hard Dance scene with a raging flood of energy, their shockwave is expanding at the speed of sound!

Primeshock delivers crazy powerful sets, packed with their signature energetic Hardstyle tracks, that will pump up crowds and blow up stages. In addition they represent the best Hardstyle in their monthly Powermode Podcast, broadcasted at Q-dance Radio.

Primeshock. Your shock of energy. ⚡

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  Powermode intro
1. Da Tweekaz - People Against Porn (10 Years Mix)
2. Audiotricz & Atmozfears - Dance No More
3. Sound Rush - Take It All
4. d'Stylerz - Million Miles Away 2018
5. Project One - Journey of the Mind
6. A-Lusion - Angels Dance
7. Technoboy - In Ya Face
8. The Pitcher - Kick It To The Bone
9. Frontliner - Silence
10. Primeshock - Off The Hook
11. Showtek - Breakbeat Junkie
12. KELTEK - Dance The Way I Am
13. Noisecontrollers - Infinity
14. Toneshifterz - Shifting to the Source
15. Jay Reeve - What It Is
16. Hypnose & Retrospect - Reawaken Your Soul
17. Wildstylez - A Complex Situation
18. Broken Element & LXCPR - Evolve
19. Headhunterz - Subsonic
20. Alpha² - Kick Back
21. Devin Wild - Mind Bending
22. The R3bels - Shade
23. Headhunterz - Say My Name
24. RVAGE ft. Elyn - Planet 10 (Official Indicator Anthem 2018)
25. Jack Of Sound - You're Next
26. Enemy Contact - Fury