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Deadly Guns @ REBiRTH Festival 2019 Promo Mix


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Deadly Guns is ready to re-enter REBiRTH Festival this year, as he is back on Sunday on the REVENGE Hardcore stage! To get you pumped up for his set, here is a special Promo mix, created by the man himself!

On April 12, 13 and 14 the gates to an eternity of entertainment open for all who wish to experience the ultimate weekend at REBiRTH Festival 2019:

Let's kick off the festival season!

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1. Deadly Guns & Ncrypta - Rip it Open
2. Warface ft. Superior - Beyond Aggression (Deadly Guns Edit)
3. Warface & Angerfist - Number 1
4. Deadly Guns & E-Force - Invincible
5. Miss K8 - The Poison (N-Vitral Remix)
6. Warface & Deadly Guns - From The South
7. Deadly Guns ft. Tha Watcher - The Chosen Ones II
8. Spitnoise - Bullshit
9. Deadly Guns - Deadly Gangsta 2.0
10. Deadly Guns & F. Noize - Undefeated
11. Deadly Guns & MBK - Pure Domination
12. Angernoizer & Deadly Guns - Forever XTC